Consulting and Advisory Services

ServicesImplementing a software solution to automate and manage a core business process like your organisation’s contracting process, can seem a daunting task. You want to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget and that your project produces the tangible returns on investment that you and your stakeholders expect.

That is why Dolphin has designed a series of Contract process-specific consulting and advisory services to prepare your organisation in the best way for your Contract Management project.

Dolphin’s Consulting and Advisory services are all delivered by domain experts and are delivered, for the most part, on a fixed price basis. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these service offerings in more detail.

Consulting Service Offering


1. Contract Audit Service For many organisations, not knowing how many active contracts they have, where their contracts are stored or what contracts pose the highest risk, can expose them to unnecessary risk, but also poor corporate governance that can be punished by fines or more stringent actions from regulatory authorities.Dolphin’s Contract Audit service will assist you to identify, prioritise and assess your contract environment more effectively.
2. Contract Process Review Dolphin Software’s contract process review will help you to design, plan and implement the optimum contract automating process that best suits your organisational structure and needs.
3. Scanning and Data Capture If stage one of your Contract Lifecycle Management project is to capture and manage your existing paper contracts, then let Dolphin Software take care of all of your contract scanning and data capture needs. Dolphin Software works with the best and most efficient scanning and data capture specialists in the market who have many years of experience in providing these kinds of service.
4. Contract Clause Library Reviews – Legal Delivered in conjunction with specialist legal services partners, Dolphin Software can assist you in the strategy, planning and definition of reusable clauses and the construction of a Clause Library for the efficient reuse of legal clauses and contract parts.
5. Contract Clause Library Review – Document Automation At Dolphin Software, we take pride in our ability to transfer all of the know-how and tools to run and operate your own end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solution. However, if you would like to outsource the creation of new clause libraries, contact templates or other such activities, just ask; we will be happy to assist.
6. Contract Reporting and Compliance The old adage: ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is never more true than when you ask a business user what management information they would like to extract from a Contract Lifecycle Management system. Dolphin Software are experts in Contract Lifecycle Management and have worked with many large and small organisations in a variety of markets, which makes us best place to advise you and your teams on what information, data and format would be best suited for each community of users in your organisation.
7. Supplier Performance Management Being in control of your contract process and contractual commitments may compel you to start to ask questions of your key suppliers when it comes round to renewing your contractual relationship.Work with Dolphin Software’s procurement advisors to help you design a Contract Lifecycle Management system that not only manages your expected contractual commitments, but against the actual performance related data over the contract’s lifecycle.
8. Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance Management Delivered in conjunction with our team of specialist legal services providers, Dolphin Software can help you to optimise your contract processes and procedures to ensure that your organisation is and remains 100% compliant to any corporate governance or regulatory requirements that your organisation must meet.
9. Contract Management Health Check Our most popular service offering; our Contract Management Health Check, will provide you with a written report and statement on your current contract environment, processes and risks. Our Health Check will also supply you with an action plan to enable you to rapidly take control of your entire contract process and automate unnecessary manual processes.
10. Business Case Development If you need an external viewpoint to help you define and justify your business case to implement a Contract Lifecycle Management system, we are here to help. This service will provide you with a complete assessment of your current contract management processes and highlight areas for improvement – keeping an eye on your return of investment, of course.