Dolphin Contract Manager

Dolphin Software is the leader in Contract Lifecycle Management software for Microsoft SharePoint platform. Dolphin has developed a world-class contract management software solution for Microsoft SharePoint to help give businesses an easy-to-use single solution for all their contracts. It helps to avoid wasted cost and error, reduces risk, while improving bottom-line revenue.

Dolphin Contract Manager helps organisations to streamline their contract drafting, approval and archiving processes, as well as allowing key business managers to manage key contract milestones and obligations more effectively throughthe use of advanced reporting and analytics.

Dolphin Contract Manager provides all of these functions within the familiar environment of Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Our Contract Management software solution provides role-based access to the system and is aimed at both contract-specialists and non-specialist business users. This modular solution provides six key modules that help to automate and manage each stage of the contract lifecycle process.

Contract Lifecycle Management process