Keep Your Promises

A contract is a promise, Dolphin 365 helps you keep your promises. Manage and track your contractual agreements, streamline your workflow, and keep a handle on your commitments.

Why Dolphin 365

Ideal for firms small and large, Dolphin 365 is a powerful solution that can take your Contract Lifecycle to a whole new level of efficiency, leveraging your existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Single Source – Centralize your Agreements

With Dolphin 365, all your contractual agreements are in one centralized location, with no need for servers. Store, manage, and search all your agreements and metadata effortlessly.

Reduce Risk and Take Control of your Enterprise

Track, monitor, and gain real-time insight to key dates and obligations in every aspect of the contract lifecycle for optimized efficiency and profitability.

Access anywhere, anytime

Our user-friendly application works across desktops, laptops, tablets. You will have fast and secure access to your contracts from anywhere.

Gain Consistency – Approved Templates and Clauses

Create reusable contract templates, manage your library of clauses, and streamline your work flow and productivity. Ensure “pre-approved” contract templates are used consistently.

Engage your Stakeholders

With Dolphin 365, team members can work simultaneously on the same document, knowing data is always up-to-date. Offline? No problem. Changes will be automatically synced when you re-connect.

Simplified Permissions

Permissions give you complete document control. Security, confidentiality, control; YOU really have it all.

Up and Running in 15 Minutes!

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Simple Pricing

Dolphin 365 is licensed on a per user per month basis.

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