Minimize Contractual Risk With Dolphin Contract Manager

An estimated 80% of business-to-business transactions are underpinned by legally binding contracts and agreements.

Businesses are Built on Contracts

Though many of these contracts contain clauses, terms, conditions, commitments and milestones that need to be tracked and managed over the contract’s life to maximize business benefits and minimize risks, most organizations never actively manage their contracts during the agreement period.

Contract Management software enables an organization to be proactive in the management of its contracts. Gain a deeper and more contextualized understanding of the risks, obligations and benefits associated with each contract with Dolphin Contract Manager.

Instant Access

Integrate Dolphin Contract Manager with your current systems. Make it easy for anyone to initiate contracts or search for contract-related information.

Lower Costs

Avoid missing deadlines and hidden fees related to contract terms by better managing the lifecycle of contracts.

Lower Risk

Implement best practice procedures and Standard Operating Procedures around the contract lifecycle process.

Increase Efficiency

Automate processes and control who is responsible for what, to reduce or eliminate common errors and speed up the contract administration process.

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Dolphin Contract Manager On Premise

Dolphin is a feature-rich contract management software for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The enterprise grade software application covers the full contract lifecycle from request, creation, approval, storage, reporting and ongoing management of all types of contracts.
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Dolphin 365

Ideal for firms small and large, Dolphin 365 is a powerful solution that can take your Contract Lifecycle to a whole new level of efficiency, leveraging your existing Microsoft Office 365 commitment.

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“Efficiency is a huge part of what we do as a company. The more efficient people are, the more work they can handle and this has an impact on time and cost savings. With Dolphin, we have a contract management system that will support us as Etihad continues to grow.”

Jim Callaghan General Counsel and Company Secretary, Etihad Airways

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