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Dolphin Contract Manager is now available as a cloud service!

Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud brings all the same benefits and features of Dolphin Contract Manager – without the hassle. Contract management as a cloud service eliminates the daily challenges of managing and supporting yet another enterprise application and the infrastructure it runs on. Contract management software hosted in Microsoft Azure means no servers to set up and no software licenses to purchase – it’s contract management made easy. Microsoft SharePoint is not required!

Why Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud?

Save on Upfront Costs

With our SaaS model you’ll reduce hardware, software and internal IT needs and the costs associated with them.

Set Up’s a Breeze

No upfront investment in infrastructure and hardware makes it fast and easy to deploy.

Buy Predictability

With Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud you pay a predictable price for predictable service.

SharePoint Not Required

With Dolphin Contract Manager as a cloud service SharePoint is not a requirement. We can spin up a SharePoint environment for you!
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Introducing Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud

Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud is a feature-rich contract management software, hosted in Microsoft Azure, which covers the full contract lifecycle from request, creation, approval, storage, reporting and ongoing management of all types of contracts.

Dolphin Contract Manager OnCloud’s tracking, alerts, reports and dashboards will enable you to effectively manage all your contracts and their contents including dates, events, obligations, and much more – providing you with operational efficiency benefits as well as visibility to give immediate and detailed management and risk insight.

Start Seeing Results with Dolphin Contract Manager


Gain Control of your Contracts

Have control of the contract lifecycle from request, approval through to creation and ongoing management.


Discover Legacy Contracts

Uncover the insights locked within unstructured content in existing legacy contracts with the Seal Contract Discovery & Migration add-on.

Improve Visibility

Stay ahead of the game by having visibility of key information and obligations through dashboards, reports and search functionality.

Control Access

Role based access defines what users are able to do, and what they can see.

24/7 Support

Gain access to the entire team of Datavail professionals. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Datavail has the ability to fully support you.


Gain the visibility, controls and insight to help manage your organization’s compliance and minimize risk.

Guarantee User Adoption

Integration with Word and Outlook allows users to carry on using tools they are familiar with.

Work with the Experts

Benefit from our deep subject matter expertise and experience related to Contract Management, SharePoint and associated Microsoft technologies.

Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Central Contract Repository

Contract Repository

Store your contracts and supporting documentation such as pdfs, word docs, images, and even emails in one place. Smartly stored and tagged with extensive metadata makes these easily accessible for users to search and view their contracts.
Screenshot of Automated Contract Requests

Contract Request

Control and streamline how contract requests are created and approved. Users simply complete a form including key required contract metadata-they can also attach a supporting document if needed. The request then flows to an approver. Controlled, managed and streamlined.

Screenshot of Contract Creation Wizard

Contract Creation Wizard

Easily create new contracts using a few steps in the Wizard. Choose the contract type and party, your own template or using the other party’s  –  and Dolphin will then create the contract for you.
Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Control the approval process.  Easily manage the movement of contracts internally for review and approval. Alerts and emails notify users who can then accept, reject, reassign and add comments.
Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Contract Templates


Store your contract templates to give users efficient and consistent contract creation.  Templates are stored in a smart way using MS Word Quick Parts and associated contract metadata.
Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Clause Library

Clause Library

Centrally store your Clauses in a library enabling central management and consistency of use. Easily select clauses from within MS Word to add to contracts. Run reports to see your clause usage.
Screenshot of Obligations Management feature

Obligations Management

Record and manage all your contractual obligations. Assign responsibility to specific users with Dolphin providing Alerts and reminders. Have visibility of all contractual obligations via the Oversight Dashboard.
Screenshot of KPI management tool

Key Performance Indicators

Define KPIs to set targets and track actual performance of specific contracts. Use Dolphin’s KPI reports to give management insight and assist compliance.
Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Search Functionality


Find contracts quickly with Dolphin Contract Manager’s advanced search capability. Quickly search by multiple criteria for example  specific words, Contract Party, End Date enabling you to focus in on the contracts you need.
Screenshot of Dolphin Contract Manager Reporting feature


Improve visibility using Dolphin Contract Manager’s included reports such as contracts expiring or obligations due in 30, 60, 90 days  – or build our own reports’. Export reports into various formats including XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, TIFF, Word.
Screenshot of contract management dashboards


Set up configurable Dashboards to show the views and information to give the detail you need to work effectively and efficiently.
Screenshot of contract version history feature

Version History

Unclutter your documents by having just one copy of a contract and using Dolphin Contract Manager’s Version History. Be able to record, view and restore all previous versions.
screenshot of dolphin contract manager end user dashboard

Ease of Use

Integrated with and makes use of MS Word and Outlook so users have familiar tools to work with.
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Download the Datasheet

Download the datasheet to understand the high level functionality provided ‘out of the box’ (OOB) in Dolphin Contract Manager.

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